Over the last few years, my hobbies have evolved for one reason or another.  Mostly due to my growing family (now up with 4 kids!) - I started to have less time for my typical pursuits of fishing and brewing beer at home.

Brewing beer was a great experience.  I brewed over 30 (5 gallon) batches, and the results were just as good as any craft or homebrewer could come up with.  What a great learning experience in many areas, and I cant wait to get back into it.  I cut back and eventually stopped brewing when the kids came along - mostly because of time constraints, but also because brew days would turn out to be dangerous with hot liquids and little kids running around...

During this time - I stepped up my carpentry skills to start making changes to the world around me.  I designed and built my back deck and stairs.  I designed and built a pergola for the patio.  I designed and built loft beds for my two boys, and a king-size platform bed for my wife and I.  I designed and built a storage loft in my garage, and have made various projects for the family.  I love the smell of wood.

A couple of years ago, I read an article about this thing called a microcontroller.  This thing was made in Italy and it was called Arduino.  I had no idea what it was, but it was clear to me (even reading that first article) that it was something that was going to be pretty big. 

I really love to create.  To think about something - to see a void in the world and put my mark there.  It is amazing to conceive of something, build it with my own hands, suffer the heartaches, and then step back and be able to look at this thing that I created.  Something that did not exist before, but does now.  It is a powerful thing.

I also love to learn.  Anything really, just something new to put in my pipe.  With the Arduino - it has united these two things - the love of creating something, and the love of learning.  My background is in liberal arts.  I majored in Political Science and drinking during college - and went to school in the pre-internet days.  Since reading about the Arduino - I have had to teach myself what feels like a masters course in computer science.  My last experience with coding was back in grammar school messing around with our Apple IIc - so this was a new world.  I'm proud to say that I can easily code for the Arduino, as well as HTML, and CSS.  I'm working with javascript and python, etc.  Its a new world, but I welcome it.  I'm just sorry I'm a little late to the game...

Here are a few of the projects that I have worked on:



  Loft Beds

  King Platform Bed


  Garage Loft


  Garage Door Monitor/Remote Control

  LED Bed

  Sump LiquidLevel Tracker